Community Manager for companies

During my career, I have worked as a community manager in different companies. I designed the social media actions to fit each company’s objectives. Despite that, their foremost social media goals were fostering a community of users, building loyalty among their followers and encouraging interaction with their potential customers to boost sales.



Social networks have a crucial role in online marketing since they are a direct communication channel with potential clients. This is the reason why I developed tailored strategies focusing on previously defined KPI’s. Planning and publishing content on social media is a daily task of a community manager and I am familiar with tools such as Hootsuite, Social Elephants, OnlyPult, Tweetdeck, among others.



It is proven that image and video on social networks generate much more engagement than plain text. For this reason, I always work on images that catch the eye, such as quotes, for example.

Un ipad muestra una de mis publicaciones en instagram como community manager de floraqueen.

On the other hand, I have also carried out social paid campaigns in the main networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.  As well as contest and giveaways to boost interaction and influencer marketing campaigns.

To sum up, every action on social media needs to be properly measured to track its impact in order to reach the company’s objectives.