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I needed to have my own space to express myself, so I decided to create my blog. You can visit it in, as you will see, in general, the articles are literary. My passion for reading and writing started when I was very young, thus, it was time to have my blog!

Un ipad muestra un artículo publicado en mi blog personal


I chose a minimalist design so that what stood out were the words and their meaning. You will find four sections:

  • Reflections: thoughts that have ever crossed our minds and that reflect my vision of life.
  • Feminist Glasses: as I am strongly committed to feminism, in this section, I write about related topics such as sexism and gender equality.
  • Short Stories: this is the most literary section of the entire blog. Here I publish little stories that are born of my imagination.
  • Catalan: articles published in Catalan, my mother tongue language, which can also belong to any of the three previous sections depending on their topic.